Shredding Enduro Playground at a Classic Tahoe Ski Hill | Donner Partying 2016▶️👍


Red Bull Cody Webb and Taylor Robert unleash some epic riding at the classic Donner Ski Ranch in Lake Tahoe. ► This week on Red Bull:… ► Click for the full story and more photos from the ride: Cody Webb and Taylor Robert can do absurd, incredible things on motorcycles. Their ability to control every piece of the bike, from the suspension, to the throttle, to the clutch and everything in between, Webb and Robert ride in a symphony of bike skill that is almost entirely lost to the average viewer, because they make it look so easy. To properly display that ability, Webb and Robert took to the bare slopes of Donner Ski Ranch at Donner Pass in California, just a quick jaunt from the iconic Lake Tahoe. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Donner provided the canvas for the hard enduro artistry that was to take place. «It’s every dirtbiker’s dream to go out and explore new territories», says Webb.»Many of these areas we wish to ride are completely off limits to any sort of motorized fun. When Red Bull approached us about filming a freeride-type segment, Taylor and I were all in!

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