Mario Roman 74 & More | Sea to Sky 2020 | Beach Race – Ep2

SEA TO SKY 2020🏖

Beach race qualifying Sea to Sky 2020

Publiée par Billy Bolt Racing sur Mercredi 23 septembre 2020
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Stage 1 – General results – Beach Qualy

1.5Billy BOLTM00:01:47
2.2Wade YOUNGM00:01:55
3.26William HoareM00:02:00
4.3Graham JARVISM00:02:05
5.89Muammer BaltaM00:02:09
6.4Jonathan RichardsonM00:02:09
7.18Bayram UYSALM00:02:19
8.12Peter WeissM00:02:23
9.21StUart MackM00:02:26
10.15Jamie WilliamsM00:02:28
11.13Alberto ALAMUROM00:02:28
12.20Mark JacsonM00:02:29
13.6Teodor KabakchievM00:02:29
14.37Joe DeakinM00:02:31
15.1Mario ROMAN

Beach race results

Pl.BibNameTeamSxTimeDistanceBest lap
1.5Billy BOLTM9 laps, 00:18:23,960 km01’16,48 (1)
2.1Mario ROMANM9 laps, 00:18:46,660 km01’19,87 (1)
3.2Wade YOUNGM9 laps, 00:18:48,830 km01’32,99 (1)
4.6Teodor KabakchievM9 laps, 00:19:22,050 km01’27,65 (1)
5.3Graham JARVISM9 laps, 00:19:37,060 km01’30,33 (1)
6.26William HoareM9 laps, 00:19:45,330 km01’26,42 (1)
7.4Jonathan RichardsonM9 laps, 00:20:29,510 km01’31,77 (1)
8.37Joe DeakinM8 laps, 00:19:50,710 km01’59,65 (1)
9.31Matty TempleM8 laps, 00:20:17,360 km00’32,94 (4)
10.128Lee SampsonM8 laps, 00:20:21,240 km01’49,47 (1)
11.21StUart MackM8 laps, 00:20:37,740 km01’51,89 (1)
12.12Peter WeissM7 laps, 00:18:16,900 km01’42,69 (1)
13.20Mark JacsonM7 laps, 00:18:46,660 km02’18,56 (1)
14.13Alberto ALAMUROM7 laps, 00:19:24,4
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