Luuc Muis «Hasty Flaming Buffalo» Indian Scout Bobber


Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Built in only 20 weeks by 27-year-old Dutch designer Luuc Muis, this 2019 Indian Scout Bobber is inspired by 1910 boardtracker designs and the hypothetical question, “What if the visual design of motorcycles never developed in a hundred years, but technique did?” The result is the “Hasty Flaming Buffalo,” a project bike “that got a little bit out of hand.” Luuc started the build by doing a 3-D scan of the Scout’s V-twin and creating digital models of main frame components, which were then CNC milled into existence. From there the Hasty Flaming Buffalo’s story gets even stranger, and it’s a story best told by its bushy-bearded builder.

Luuc’s bike is part of the Bike Shed Unlocked show, check out all the bikes here

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