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Horsepower House Love him or hate him – you have to admire what he and the other guys did starting from nothing to becoming millionaires. Deegan in 2003 talks about the beginnings of Crusty – the Tour – how crazy the Australian fans are – and the future for freestyle entertainment touring back then. Who knew that «concerts» like this would become a THING.

Brian Deegan talking about meeting mx filmmakers Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson for the first time – and the rest…. is history.

The origins of the group can be traced to 1994, when filmmakers Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson had been accumulating footage to showcase a behind the scenes expose of the lifestyle of an American pro motocross rider in action, featuring 145 ft plus jumps, 45 ft high in the air soaring over sand dunes, mountains, houses, buses and anything else secure and steep enough to hold the weight of bike and rider. The end result was Fleshwound Films and the first video «Crusty Demons of Dirt».

Following the success of the first film, Crusty 2 premiered 18 months later. Sales exceeded expectations and tripled from the first video as the Crusty phenomenon began spreading worldwide. What was somewhat a stagnant sport had received a positive injection of interest and proved its worthiness of being showcased Internationally. People began buying the clothing worn by their heroes (Fleshgear) and thousands around the world were getting bikes and heading for the racetrack, mountains, sand dunes and the sky. With a unique production style the Crusty Demons filmed created a whole new genre of Action Sports Films. With cutting-edge editing by Director of Photography Scotty Avalos, they quickly gained a following and the hardcore fans were born.

With the release of Crusty 3 in 1997 and the videos and sport rising in popularity, freestyle motocross pioneer Lofty (a.k.a. Brian Jordan) went to Fleshwound Films with the idea of staging a freestyle motocross competition. Four months later the first competition was held in Las Vegas. This new side of the sport was looked down upon by the industry and many people said it would go nowhere, but the excitement amongst the fans indicated otherwise.

Fleshwound Films undoubtedly played a crucial part in the evolution of the sport, they are still shooting Crusty Films today and recently released the 10th installment titled «Crusty X – A Decade of Dirt». Apart from videos, Fleshwound also made a great success out of Fleshwound Film merchandise, which inspired their creation of the official Crusty clothing brand, Flesh gear (a freestyle ride gear and lifestyle clothing).


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